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Peter Heslam

Peter S Heslam became Director of Faith in Business in 2018. His research and outreach is in the field of whole-life Christianity. Within that field, he is especially interested in the interface of business, faith and development; and in the ideas and impact of the great Dutch social entrepreneur and statesman Abraham Kuyper.

Although largely overlooked, Peter believes greater understanding of the integration of faith, business and development helps to deliver practical change that increases human and environmental well-being. He has a broad academic background that includes various positions at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. In directing an international research project on Christian entrepreneurs, he has interviewed scores of business leaders around the world. He previously directed Transforming Business and the Oxford and Cambridge Symposium on Enterprise, Ethics and Development (SEED).

Articles written by Peter are listed below:
Edited by Peter S. Heslam (Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2021). Click image for details and commendations.
A tiny virus has proved able to bring the global economy almost to a standstill.
Every day of this crisis sees more companies go bust, and those that survive fighting to keep their heads above water.
The pandemic revealed noble and selfish behaviour. Food bank supplies plunged as hoarders stripped supermarket shelves of staple foods, just when food bank demand soared as jobs vanished. The story of manna in the desert (Exodus 16) provides perspective.
In this article, Peter Heslam introduces the notion of ‘work as worship’. Reflecting on the downfall of the man widely regarded as the world's greatest business leader, he offers a vision that will radically change both your work and your worship.
Originally, a gig was a spear for catching fish. Then it was a boat, then a horse-drawn carriage, then a punishment, and then a rock concert, then a unit of digital information.
This reflection was originally written for the SALT Business Network (Christian Aid).
The worldwide artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is on its way. Once the preserve of science fiction, its impact is likely to be so radical and pervasive it amounts to a new industrial revolution.
A special themed issue of the Journal of Markets and Morality, 16.1 (400 pages).
by Peter S. Heslam (Cambridge: Grove, 2010).
Edited by Peter S. Heslam (London: SPCK, 2004).
by Peter S. Heslam (Cambridge: Grove, 2003).
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